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Talent Spotlight

The bands we work with have some of the best musicians and talent in the country.   They're the reason each band is so incredible that they are flown all over to perform.  We wanted to show some recognition for these insanely talented individuals.  As the Groove Merchants are one of our most popular Event and Party Bands, we thought we'd spotlight some of their talented personnel.  This week, let's discuss Britani Bateman.  As lead singer of the Groove Merchants, she displays obvious talent at vocals, dancing, and putting on a high-energy show.  You may have also recognized her; from a commercial?  from a movie?  something....


     Yes, she happens to be an extremely talented actor and producer as well.  Some of her credits include: Saints and Soldiers, Forever Strong (the one about the Rugby team, angsty teens, and... wait, is that Rudy Rudiger?), and Mobsters and Mormons


If you are needing a talented actor, singer, and/or producer, contact us and book Britani.



Check her out in ABC's new holiday movie (She's Tori Spelling's right-hand lady):