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Working with select party bands, Dance Bands specializes in hiring experienced entertainers across the U.S. Bands include Groove Merchants, Amplifly Aerial Band, Dance Doctors, Shaun Canon and the Pops Orchestra, The Salamanders, The Bandits, Moonlight Swing Orchestra and the Chance Mckinney Band, to name a few.


Hire Live Party Bands for Entertainment

You are just a click away from hiring the best party bands in the nation. Our selection of party entertainers travel all over the country and are masters in making your guests dance, laugh, be engaged and have a good time. Whether its a wedding reception, corporate event or dancing event, our high energy party bands will play the appropriate musical genre. Our Top 40 cover bands will bring you your favorite dance tunes from all the decades. In the end, our goal is to make you look good for hiring them.                                                            

Perhaps the best part of using one of Dance Bands' groups is you don't need to worry about entertainment.  We have done hundreds upon hundreds of events and are consistently perfecting our shows.  Sit back and relax with your guests and rest assured that you are hiring the best people in the business.  Remember also that we are a one stop shop for event production, equipment and A/V rentals so you don't have to coordinate between the party band and production team. We can literally produce your entire event.

                                                   Check out the Nations Most Popular Party Bands

The Groove Merchants Party Band

The Groove Merchants Party Band

If you are looking for fun, classy, rockin' event entertainment, the Groove Merchants is the band for you.   In addition to world class vocals, the Groove Merchants put on a high energy show with choreography, dancing, light show and audience interactions.  As the premier party band in the nation, this band will make the evening memorable for your guests.  This group ranges from a 7 piece, all the way to a 14 piece.  Event planners all over the country are raving about the Groove Merchants.  By the end of the night, your guests will be best friends with this great party band.  Book this one quickly as they are the hottest item at dance bands. 

This group comes action packed with a full band, vocalists, dancers, an on-stage DJ, lighting and sound crew

The Ladies of the Groove Merchants doin' their thing

The Ladies of the Groove Merchants doin' their thing

Groove Merchants Dancing

Groove Merchants Dancing

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Looking for a classy, genre-spanning variety band?  This band plays music from all popular dance genres: Top 40s, classic rock, motown, R&B, hip-hop, country, jazz, really anything you can groove to.  Some of the nation's most experienced studio & event musicians fronted by the West's hottest performing couple!  Check out this must-have dance band for hire. 

The Salamanders have backed-up some of the largest acts in the country, including Kenny Loggins, Belinda Carlisle, Collin Raye, Eddie Money, and more.  With a huge songlist consisting of a variety of tunes and styles, these world-class performers will absolutely kill it for you. Their infectious vibe will infuse your guests and guarantee a night to remember.


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This 7 piece cover band plays current dance hits in addition to songs from the previous decades.  Young and old will appreciate the variety and professionalism shown in this band.  From edgy to classy, the Dance Doctors will keep the hits coming and your guests out on the dance floor. 

The band is made of young, professional performers which is perfect if you are going for a young/hip look for your event.  Despite their youth, this band is made of seasoned and talented performers that have played for audiences both large and small.  With this group, you will be particularly impressed with the vocals on Top 40s, modern hits, and classic R&B.

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Amplifly Aerial Band

Need something one-of-a-kind.  How about a band that FLIES THROUGH THE AIR?  Unlike anything we've seen, Amplifly has great musicians, impecible vocalists, and professional aerialists.  Not only are your back-up dancers replaced with back-up aerial acrobats, but the band itself performs up in the stratosphere.

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Voodoo Box brings you the sweet sounds of the past, with a few modern tunes mixed in.  A fun party, yet classy band, that plays everything from Disco, Funk, R&B to the songs you grew up dancing to.  Having played together since 2001, Voodoo Box has a strong name in the event industry.

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If you are seeking a good old fashioned "bar band" style cover band, but want something that sounds way better, the Bandits is the best in the business.  From Led Zeppelin to Lady Gaga, from Toby Keith to Stevie Ray Vaugnn, the bandits will be rockin' the house.... so don't bother knockin'

The Bandits have an easier setup than some of the larger productions and party bands.  As a 5 - 6 piece band, they are smaller in size as well, which is ideal for smaller venues when space is limited.  With a large song list, the band will play your favorite hits all night, one right after another.

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Utah Swing Orchestra Party Band

Utah Swing Orchestra Party Band

For all those of you who want a party band but are thinking more on the classy party side, consider the Moonlight Swing Orchestra.  This band can croon background music or keep your guests dancing while maintaining a classy sophisticated environment.  Think of the parties thrown by Linus Larrabee in the movie Sabrina

The Moonlight Swing Orchestra plays all your favorite big band tunes from the 40's and 50's.  You will recognize all the exact arraignments of big band classics from the Glenn Miller Band, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and more.  This band pulls from the very best jazz musicians available for a classy, fun evening of dancing or background music.  Moonlight usually goes out as a 6 piece but for clients who really want to go all out, the band expands into a full 17 piece big band.

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 TIYB is for corporations and party planners that want an unforgettable, engaging, and involved experienc for their guests.  This is the go to band in North America for live karaoke and vocal competitions or if you just want to have a rockin' fun time with your guests singing.  With over a 1000 songs right in their heads, nobody will feel left out.

Simply put, there is no better live karaoke band in the country.  With a video display for karaoke lyrics, and a band that is quick on their feet,  your guests won't miss a beat while they are singing.  And if they do start singing the wrong part of the song, your guests will never know it as This is Your Band will immediately catch up to them before they even realize they are off.   Other bands claim to do live band karaoke (or band-okie) and show up with their song list and allow guests to sit in, this band is the real deal and specializes in this specific kind of entertainment.  Don't worry though, if your guests are too shy, the band will take over and sing :)

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Jersey Street is a versatile band that plays music from a variety of genres.  They are offered for hire in a variety of setups and costs making them the perfect band for an event needing all kinds of music and budgets.