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Finding the right band for your wedding music can be stressful if you don't know where to look.  It's important to find a great band for your wedding reception that caters to the energy and ambiance of the room. Most of the popular party and event bands get booked up first, sometimes a year in advance.  Even when you look to hire weddings singers or DJ's, the good ones go quickly.  So to get started, here are some of the more popular bands and wedding singers for the parties and reception: 

Step 1: 

If you need dancing and want a variety of genres, check these groups out first: 

The Groove Merchants

The Groove Merchants is great for Wedding Receptions

10 piece, high-energy party band.  Flexible in size, genre, and great at learning your needed requests.

Perfect if your priority is:

style, energy, dancing, versatility, vocals, horn section

The Dance Doctors play for receptions and other events

7 piece, wedding and variety band.  Young, hip style with a fun blend of popular dance genres.   

Perfect if your priority is: 

modern style, versatility, energy

Wedding Variety Band

7 Piece, High-energy show band.  Killer vocalists and versatile musicians.   

Perfect if your priority is: 

vocals, reputation, versatility

Some brides prefer more specialized entertainment like a Country Band, Motown/Soul Band, or Ethnic groups.  Contact us and we can discuss some more unique Wedding Music options.  For a larger list of Wedding Music Bands, Follow this Link: Wedding Party Bands 

Step 2: 

The next important entertainment you should nail down is the music for your wedding ceremony.  We've had some crazy requests for live ceremony music and I must say, there are some incredible things you can do to make your big day awesome and unique.  Here's a few popular suggestions:

Classical Guitar: 

Classical guitar is often an easy and romantic way to make a ceremony special.  The great thing about this option is that your band for the reception music may have a guitarist that is skilled enough to play for your ceremony as well.  Many of our bands have this as an option.   This saves you time, money, and is really quite beautiful. 

Dance Bands Children's Choir for a destination wedding

Children's Choir: 

If you are looking for something really angelic, a choir of children singing in Latin somehow just makes any event a thousand times more heavenly.  This is logistically more difficult, but very memorable.

A classical guitarist is an easy way to make your ceremony special

Cello/Guitar Duet: 

Another simple option is our popular duet of cello and classical guitar.  It sounds a little unorthodox, but it actually works beautifully. 

Step 3: 

The next step is to find suitable Live Dinner Music for the reception.  A jazz combo works well for this; this can often be negotiated with your band you've hired for your Wedding Reception Music.  If you really want the dinner to be something extravagant, a swing band like this one would do the trick: 

Moonlight Swing Orchestra

Moonlight Swing Orchestra plays for a wedding

This is a 6 piece swing band that is perfect for either background music or traditional/classy dancing.  This band specializes in wedding music for receptions & dinners along the lines of Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, and Tommy Dorsey.  They can play as either a purely instrumental group or with a wedding singer.

Final Step: 

The last step in booking your wedding entertainment is to determine what kind of production-elements you are needing: lighting, stages, projectors, A/V, etc.  Even if you aren't going to hire a wedding DJ, many of the same equipment is needed for live productions.  Follow the link to browse our: Production Rentals .

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