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Unique Wedding Ideas for 2014

With all the social media these days it seems impossible to come up with original ideas, if you are in need of some inspiration, here are a few new unique wedding ideas for 2014.  Post any great ideas we missed in the comment section.  

Break-a-part bouquets



These bouquets make everyone a winner.  You can even attach fortunes or gift cards to each mini bouquet, if you tell the guests that there are prizes attached the men may want to get involved too, just make sure you bring a video camera.   

Give ANYONE involved with the wedding an information flier

By giving your wedding party contact information they can know who to call for what.  No more phone-tag or calling the brides’ mom who refers you to the grooms’ mom who refers you to the uncle who is in charge of lighting.  With these fliers in hand, everyone can have all the contact information they need which will leave the bride and groom to enjoy the day and make preparations run much smoother.

Giving Party guests access to Polaroid’s



You might decide that you want to have a camera at your receptions entrance and have guests paste their pictures inside your sign-in book, maybe you want the pictures to be hung, or maybe you want Polaroid cameras on every table.  No matter how you do it, letting guests call the “shots” for your wedding is good fun and makes great memories.

Funny Bridal Party photos

funny bridal party photo.PNG

Sure, your wedding is a serious event but why not bring a little irreverence to the occasion?  Taking funny/scandalous pictures of the bridal party will make for lasting laughs.  You will no doubt have hundreds of pictures of the big day but these photos will really stand out amongst the dozens of other paralleled photos.

Style for you aisle

unique wedding aisle.PNG

Guests can read your story or marvel at the lights.  Light projected patters will add elegance and magic to your event without adding a gaudy appearance.  Another unique idea is creating a timeline that follows you down the aisle.  Start with the first time you met and continue on down to the present, wedding day!  

Don’t get stuck with one color

multicolor wedding party.PNG

Tradition says that we pick a to theme the wedding with and that the bridesmaids/groomsmen will wear that one color.  But why?  Vamp up your wedding party with a rainbow, from the ladies dresses to the men’s shoes, everything colored.  Even if you aren’t into the kaleidoscope idea you can pick a color and offer your party different shades of that color.  It creates more contrast in your pictures and makes the party feel individualized.

Involve the whole family, or at least the most important part of it, THE PETS!

wedding with pet.PNG

Include your pet in the ceremony because, why not?  You can put your pet on the invitations, “my humans are getting married”, you can include them in your wedding photos, or your ceremony, the options are endless.  Pets will give a personal touch to your wedding and will form great memories to look back on. 


--Nikole Higgins, Communication Director, Nikole@utahliveband.com