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Destination Weddings - Music

There is nothing quite like a destination wedding.  Whether you take your guests to a big city to enjoy the nightlife or to a country resort to enjoy the scenery, destination weddings provide the wedding party and all the guests to transcend their everyday routine.  Everyone can truly appreciate the symbolism of your new life as they experience something incredibly new and exciting. 

Of course, when your guests arrive, you want them to have a good time.  You need a party everyone will remember.  So how do you go about getting amazing entertainment to make your party unforgettable?  Well that depends...

1. What happened to civilization?

One of the upsides to a country/nature destination wedding is also one of the downsides.  There isn't anything around for miles.  If you are having your wedding in a big city like New York, you have options.  You can either fly good entertainment in or your can try and find good entertainment in the city.  If you are in the middle of Montana or Denver, chances are it will be hard to find a really quality local band or entertainment provider.

Most of DanceBands.com bands are based out of Salt Lake City (a central location to most nature destination weddings) and they are some of the best in the country.  Especially if you are thinking of getting hitched West of the Mississippi (Jackson Hole, Montana, California, Colorado, Park City, etc.) these bands can keep travel expenses to a minimum due to their centralized home base.

2. Ok, I like this band, now what?

Working with bands can either be complicated or simple.  Good, experienced bands have managers or agents who organize all the details, costs, contacts, requests, etc. and make things simple for you.  They can tell you exactly how much everything is going to cost without hiding any fees.  You fill out a contract and send a deposit.  This reserves the band and from there on in, it's all about the wedding plans

3. Sweet location, sweet sweet music,

Brides tend to lean one of two ways: they either know exactly what they want to hear or they just know they want a good dance party.  Either way, that is why you're hiring a great band.  A good band can easily learn some requests or play the genres you would like.  They also know and specialize in knowing exactly what will get guests hopping.  They move quickly between songs to keep people excited; they read a crowd and know what's working and what isn't; they can set a mood or bring tons of energy.  In fact, the best weddings I've managed have had brides that left most of the song selecting to the band leader.

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