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Whether someone is looking for a music band for a wedding or corporate event, The Moonlight Swing Orchestra specializes in providing big band tunes from the 30s and 40s. Guaranteed to keep the party swaying and out on the dance floor, Dance Bands allows for easy band booking.

The Moonlight Swing Orchestra - Big Band

Are you looking for a fun swing band but want to keep it classy.  The Moonlight Swing Orchestra is just that, patterned after the big bands in the 30's and 40's.  Perhaps the best part of this band is they play all the old big band classics exactly like the recordings having an exclusive copy of all their tune arraignments.  Most swing band who attempt this play cheap, poorly written versions of old tunes.  The Moonlight Swing Orchestra focuses on quality.  It is made of some of the best, seasoned jazz musicians you will ever hear.

This band books out as a 6 piece, 10 piece or as a full on 18 piece big band.  The most common version, the 6 piece is economical, compact and brings out the sound of a big band with a small group of people.  Great for weddings!


Listen to the Moonlight Swing Orchestra

(audio files are of the 6 piece version)

American Patrol

In the Mood

Kiss of Fire (tango)

Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (cha-cha-cha)


Swing Band playing for a large audience
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