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Christmas Party Ideas

4 Theme Ideas to Make Your Christmas Party the Bash of the Year

It’s still summer, but if it’s your job to plan the annual holiday party then now’s the time to get started. Get the jump on all those other event planners who are snoozing pool side by lining up the most exciting entertainers and venues for your holiday celebration before the weather even starts cooling down. Before you can start booking your event, you’ll need a smashing theme idea to really set your party apart. Here are four fabulous ideas to get you started.

Christmas Carol Karaoke

If you want a new take on an old holiday favorite, then try this VIP version of Christmas caroling. Karaoke machines are out at this star making holiday party. Instead, bring in a live karaoke band to back up your guests. They’ll play the songs everybody loves and even provide back up singers to make your guests feel like they’re on a very special Christmas episode of the Voice.

Christmas Party Time Machine

Travel back in time to the jazz age with a roaring twenties themed party. The focus of this party theme is a great traditional jazz band who can play the Chicago or New Orleans style of jazz that gave this era its name. To add an extra sparkle to your gilded age party, be sure and include some dance instruction to get your guests up and moving.

Christmas Beach Party

People are always throwing Christmas in July parties during the summer. Why not turn that trope on its head and throw a beach party at Christmas. It’s a sure bet that after a few months of cold, your guests are ready for some summer fun (even if it’s all indoors). Dancing at this party is a must and you'll need a high-energy band to help everyone shake off the winter blahs and get into the heat of faux-summer. So light the tiki torches and break out the grass skirts, toss in a few Santa hats and you’ll have a Christmas Luau to remember.

Christmas for You and Me


If you want your guests to experience the season of giving AND the season of getting all at the same party then try out this Christmas party idea.

Start off by dividing your venue in half. Decorate the first half in a very traditional manner. This is your You section and it’s all about making your guests feel like they’re getting into the true spirit of the season--giving. When guests visit this location they’ll participate in small service project activities. Maybe make a Christmas card for a soldier stationed overseas or stuff a stocking with toiletries and small gifts to be donated to a homeless shelter.  

The other half of your venue is all about Me. Decorate this half as a self-indulgent, glittery wonderland. Set up a dance space with a great band to get your party-goers partying. You might include a few casino tables with the chance to win prizes. Of course, some tasty snacks and drinks are a must if you're going for a really good time!