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10 cheesy songs you love but won’t admit because you are a music snob

10 cheesy songs

10 cheesy songs

My name is Michael Tobian, and I am a recovering music snob.  You see, as a professional jazz musician, I am expected to hate popular music. The taller the chord, the more sophisticated.  The more complex the rhythms, the better we feel about ourselves. The faster and more complex the notes we enjoy, the faster and more complex we are.  Here is the problem:  We sometimes just want to put on lipstick and listen to Twisted Sister like everyone else.  We just have to do it when no one is around.  You see, for a music snob, opening ones mind to the new and unusual might just mean admitting that you just might also like popular music. Anyway, if you are indeed a music snob, here are 10 cheese ball tunes you like, whether you have admitted it yet or not:

10 - Don’t Know Much – Aaron Neville Linda Ronstadt

I have some real life experience with this one: I had this little jam pumpin’ on my sweet sound system (clearance sale computer speakers) when I heard some footsteps upstairs.  My wife had just returned home.  I felt vulnerable.  Real vulnerable.  I couldn’t find the volume knob fast enough.  Am I man enough to admit it when I have to turn down the volume because I don’t want my wife to know that I enjoy a little cheesy, romantic, 80s pop music?  The answer is no. What this music video lacks in… not being incredibly awkward, it makes up for in earwormery.

9 - Hello - Lionel Richie

Now this is a good tune.  I love melodies that trick your ears. At “You’re all I ever wanted” (1:40) the dominant chord tells our ears the melody is going to end but no! “but my arms are open wide”… Hey! The melody is continuing on.  Insert aesthetic emotional response.  Yes!  This tune also has really great lyrics.  Bottom line: “sniff”

8 - Miley Cyrus – The Climb

There is no way around this so I’m just going to say it: This is a great tune.  Great vocals, great production, great lyrics, great writing.

7 - Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler

I don’t have to sit here and defend myself!

6 - Hard to Say I’m Sorry – Chicago

Alright, while I’m at it (losing respect from the academic music community and all) I’m going to say what everyone else won’t.  Chicago’s best stuff is their monster ballads recorded later in the band’s career.  You know it’s true.  Take turns and be courteous to each other, the thumbs down buttons can only handle so many clicks at a time.

5 - You Were Always on My Mind – Willie Nelson

Let’s talk about this for a minute.  Willie Nelson might be an old pot smoking goat but tell me he doesn't make you reflect on life when your bros aren't around.  If not, listen to this song again in 20 years.

4 - Kenny G – Songbird

LOOK, don’t close the browser. I am taking a big risk here by posting this.  All the years of developing my reputation as a serious musician and music professional are at risk.  Bottom line, this is a good tune and ol’ Kenny G deserves some respect as a saxophone player.  There, I said it.  It’s not like Pat Metheny knows where I live and even if he did, I could take him... and this is coming from a died-in-the-wool bebop player so just chill, close your eyes and listen to some pentatonic scales.  Just make sure your roommates aren't around because seriously, you won’t recover from that.

3 - We Are the World – Michael Jackson (and friends)

This may not be the jam you choose while you are cruising 9th east with your buddies packed in the back of your Honda Civic (the one with the racing stripes and aftermarket spoiler) but it might just be the song you play after you drop them off. What a fantastic group of musicians!  What a great cause! Oh, and don’t bother watching the 2010 remake.  It stinks!  They should have called it “We Are the Ones Who Stunk up a great song” (I never said I was a fully recovered snob)

2 - Faithfully – Journey

You and your girlfriend go to the Journey concert.  You wear some shades and a slimming V neck.  You tell her you really only came to hear “Separate Ways!”.  You are a man.  “Faithfully” starts.  You start to question things. You wish the sun would go down because it is so bright it is making your eyes water and water.  You are tough though. You only cry for 20 minutes.

1 - Baby – Justin Bieber

If I couldn't admit to you all that me and my cute-as-a-button 5 year old daughter can do the Ludacris rap in the middle of this song by memory, I don’t know what I would do with myself because WE CAN and we can do it flawlessly (if you don’t count my daughter messing up most the words.  She can be a real drag sometimes).  LUDA!

This post was written by Michael Tobian.  Owner and CEO of DanceBands.com