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The Weird Side of You Tube - Music Edition

If you watch YouTube videos late at night (or early in the morning, rather) and you are lucky, you may have experienced what I like to call "entering the weird side of You Tube".  This is a wonderful and happy place where nobody wants to leave ever. This phenomenon occurs after about an hour of watching video after video.  Here is how it works:

Weird Al.jpg

It may start out as watching a music video or a clip of your favorite show.  You Tube sucks you in further and further as it suggests related videos for you to watch.  These videos are exciting and interesting so you click on them.   You can't help yourself. Soon it feels as though the videos are clicking on you.  You can't click on enough videos.  Sometimes you click on a video promising yourself you will hit the back button and watch a different one you passed up once you are done but you can't because the newly suggested videos at the end of the ones you clicked on are even more glorious.  Inevitably you will cross into the Weird Side of YouTube.  Some stay a while, some leave quickly but once you cross over, it doesn't matter.  Time doesn't exist in this dimension.  some have never left...

--- Anyway, here are some music related videos that I brought back.  I am an experienced traveler: 

Weird doesn't begin to describe Mick Fleetwood

If this is the last clip you watch before going to bed, you may just never wake up.

Creepdorable Guitar Children

This video is just about the most creepdorable thing I have ever seen.  Creepy as heck, yet adorable as hell

Angriest guitar player in the world - Warning: Extreme fowl language! Discretion is advised

For what they guy lacks in self control, he makes up for in determination.

Creepressive vocalist

Creepy and impressive at the same time

Not So Creepressive vocalist

Notice the lady in the background cleaning as if nothing is happening

He Man - what's going on by 4 Non Blondes

"What's going on" is the right question!

Dancing Queen

Did you make it through this entire video?  Neither did I.

Hide Your Kids Before Watching

She may feel fantastic but she makes me feel.... bad... and she makes me want to burn things!