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What's New at Dance Bands

DanceBands.com is always on the look-out for new and exciting entertainment options in the United States.  If you are a frequent visitor, you may have noticed a new Party Band on our site: The Tayo Reed Band .  This Atlanta-based Band has some killer vocalists and tons of flash! 

Tayo Reed Band for Hire

What's fun about this band is it's versatility.  They can go as a 6-8 piece band (called "simply Tayo") or a huge 9-11 piece group called "Tayo Explosion!"  Need a band to put on an energetic show?  This band is packed with choreography, costumes, and a very versatile and extensive song list.  They are extremely good at all the classic Motown and Soul tunes.  They are also one of a very few groups that can pull off the R&B/Rap hits, but they don't stop there-- this band covers top 40s, country, classic rock, disco, you name it.

Tayo Reed, the band leader and female lead singer, has quite the impressive history.  Not only was she a WCW "nitro girl," a Falcon's cheerleader, and Atlanta Hawks Dancer, she also worked alongside James Brown for many years.  If you aren't familiar with the Godfather of Soul's reputation, he expected quite a bit from his musicians and staff.  He held his act and all involved with it to a very high standard (and often a little too high).  Anyone who was good enough for Mr. Brown has got something special going on.

Dream Girls for Hire

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