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More Cowbell

“I’ve got a fever… and the only prescription is more cowbell!”

 Full "More Cowbell" Skit Saturday Night Live


Now you may be wondering what does this expression “more cowbell” mean?

 After watching this spoof on Blue Oyster Cult and having a good laugh, I was thinking about  what it meant to have more cowbell.  I am sure it’s just a bunch of nonsense, but to me it means  more animation and expression! Extra quality that makes something better.

Dance Bands has a band called Drive. This group of entertainers has “cowbell” and is a whole lot of fun in the mix-up of what they do. Drive is a country cover band that sings great country from old classics to the new hip-hop/country style that’s sure to get people out on the dance floor.  If The Honky Tonk gets to be too much, Drive can flip a switch to mix in some rock, pop and top dance music while also teaching country line dance basics.

If you have never danced country, trust me, it’s not just for folks that like country and have natural dancing ability. I admit I used to hate twangy country music. Somewhere along the line in my growing–up years I learned some polka and waltz steps. In college I started going country dancing and had such a blast. The dancing changed my dislike for the music.  There’s something about wearing a western hat and boots with the jive of country dancing, to the country music with shuffling, kicking up your heels and stomping makes a person feel so on fire.  You’ll feel like you have more cowbell. Give it a whirl, it just might change you!

    Drive: Country Music Band with Dance Instruction

    Drive: Country Music Band with Dance Instruction

Ideas for a Country Line Dancing Party are simple and endless.

Requirements for Line Dancing:

-          Get on the floor and don’t be afraid to try

-          Have fun and just fake it till you make it

-          Wear comfortable leather or suede bottom shoes                                                                        (boots are not actually required, they just look good)

-          No hat actually requited either, but throw in a “yee-haw” every now and then to                              show you have “more cowbell” than an average cowpoke

-          Male or female (line dancing is not just for chicks)

Boot Stomping Fun

Boot Stomping Fun


My personal favorite top country line dances:

The Cowboy Cha Cha-

Good Time- Alan Jackson

Boot Scootin Boogie- Brooks and Dunn

Watermelon Crawl- Tracy Byrd

Get into Reggae Cowboy- The Bellamy Brothers

Footloose- Blake Shelton

Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) - Big and Rich *FYI-this line dance is more for the ladies