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Filling The Dance Floor

Utah Live Bands has years of experience in performing and organizing entertainment for events.  For some parties the primary focus is great music for background or ambiance.  Some occasions not only want a good quality of music but an emphasis on dance as well.  If you want your guests to experience an amazing dance party at your event than here are a few inside tips that will help.


It is important to remember the variation of things that play into a good dance scene.  First there is the music itself, the area (we will go over this later), and lighting. The most essential of these is music.  There is a range of ways that you can provide music at an event but the most impressive and entertaining is by hiring professionals.  You can hire a DJ to spin music at your event or book a band.  Either choice has its pros and cons, click HERE for more information on which is best for you.  In terms of lighting you need to consider the theme and area.  You need enough lighting to fill the area with atmosphere and visibility but not so much light as to deter people from cutting loose. 


When you are planning for a dancing portion in any event you will need to make sure that there is a proper amount of space.  The key is making sure that the space allotted for the dance floor is not so small that people are uncomfortably close or so large that they’re awkwardly lonely in all the space.  If there is not enough room than guests may feel too confined and not be able to cut loose, they may also fear taking up room that others who are more enthusiastic would desire.  If the area is a little too big than it will be equally as deterring to dancing.  People do not want to be so exposed in a vacant space; it is not conducive to rocking out.  Also be sure that the room/area the dance floor is in is easily accessible but also distinctly separate from the dining tables or whatever else surrounds it.  You don’t want people guessing where they should dance.

Other Tips:

If you hire a professional band or DJ they will have experience reading a crowd and providing music in an order and time the promote dancing.  If you are going to play music from an mP3 player or otherwise be in charge of the music played…

1)     Make a playlist before hand, you don’t want to be clumsily choosing songs or it will lead to gaps between songs/awkward points in music flow.

2)     Be sure that the music is friendly for guests.  This means that you play music that is not too explicit or unrecognizable.  You will also want to have a variety of genres so that everyone can hear something they like and head out to the floor.


If you have any additional advice about keeping a group dancing please post it below in the comments section.


--Nikole Higgins, Communication Director, Nikole@utahliveband.com