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ALL THAT JAZZ - throwing a 1920's party

Roaring Twenties are making a comeback.   If you’re considering planning a party, take your next event back in time. Like the pages out of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s famous book “The Great Gatsby.” Dress to the nines, roll out the red carpet, and pour the bubbly. Throw a lavish party and don’t forget the Jazz!

The decade of the 1920’s marked the beginning of a modern era, also known to be the Jazz Age. Out of the Jazz Age famous music artist such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, George Gershwin and Bessie Smith. Jazz bands played at dance halls bringing new dance steps. The 1920’s was the source of many of today’s popular dance styles, such as the Foxtrot, Quickstep, and the Tango.  My personal favorite dance of the Roaring Twenties (next to the Charleston) is The Shimmy. The Shimmy was a dance thought to be so naughty that it was banned in some dance establishments.

Music is what sets the tone for any establishment or event.

A recent wedding I attended was a 1920’s vintage theme and it was such a memorable event. Still one of my favorite to this day. The bride in a form fitting, ivory lace dress. A stunning look of elegance you would have seen during that decade of time. The groom’s style was well matched to his bride. The venue and décor sparked with soft lights, champagne fountains, pearls, flowers and feathers, subdued colors. The food I’ll skip and the fast forward to the music and the dance floor party. All guests were summoned to the dance floor. The guests were dressed like a scene out of “Gatsby.” You almost felt time-warped in such an event. The music selection was a good mix of Jazz and top hits.  There is nothing like live music at a party. That is… if it is music as good as Dance Bands! The music livened that wedding party up and people were kicking off their shoes, dancing into the night. It was a swinging good time!

Parties are for Fun

So next event or wedding you are planning, consider a Roaring 20’s party and invite Dance Bands to bring all that Jazz. They’re the “Bees Knees!”



Here is a video of one our 1920's bands and dance instructors teaching thousands of people to Charleston: