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Tips for Attending a Music Festival

Pack right:  There are a few essentials that you need to bring…tent, sleeping bags or blankets, water.  Alright, now that we have the minimalists check list covered, here are some additional items you will want to pack, seriously: food for meals, food for snacks, stove, sleeping pad, pillow, clothes that are NOT cotton based, headlamp or flashlight, rain ponchos, toiletries, first aid kit, baby wipes.

Other useful things: umbrella/canopy for shade, games for down time, binoculars, glow sticks, condoms ;). 

Reserve a camping spot:  The best thing to do to ease your stress is reserve a camping spot ahead of time that way you don’t have to worry about scavenging in the dark.  If the festival you are going to does not provide reserve camping than show up to the campground locations before dark.  If you are searching in the daylight it will be a great deal easier to find a campsite that has all the commodities you desire (Lights, outhouses, water, etc).  If you can, find a spot at the top of a hill so that if a there is a downpour you will avoid the worst of it.

Check out the lineup ahead of time:  Be sure and check the schedules for your favorite bands.  If there is a particular band that you are wanting to see and you want to have a good spot you need to show up early…really early.  You will probably have to sit through a few unfamiliar shows or opening bands but even these can be a great experience.  Another advantage to doing research on the band lineup ahead of time is that you can familiarize yourself with bands that surround your favorites.  This way you can actually know/appreciate the music you are hearing.

Keep that dough safe:   Most music festivals will have ATM’s that you can get money from but they will usually have additional charges for making withdrawals.   It is still recommended that you take a debit card because you will only want to carry small amounts of cash at one time in case someone lifts your wallet.  Unfortunately, these types of events attract bad people with the good.  Pickpockets seek out large bustling events because it is so much easier to steal when things are a little chaotic and people are a little bit (or a lot a bit) intoxicated.  Keep your money and cards in a money belt or other safe places that are hard to get to or close to the body.


If you are looking to hire a band or other entertainment for a festival or event just click HERE to contact us with questions or to hire a band.  For a list of some events and festivals in Utah visit Utah Music Teachers' Calendar page.


--Nikole Higgins, Communication Director, Nikole@utahliveband.com