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From the Owner - 11 Songs to Listen to with the Lights Off

Michael Tobian, owner and CEO of DanceBands.com

Michael Tobian, owner and CEO of DanceBands.com

One of my first memories experiencing the aesthetics of music happened visiting my grandparents when I was very young.  Walking down a dark, thin stairway, I opened the door to my Grandpa's office.  He was listening to classical music in the dark and asked me to come in and take a seat.  Without the distraction of light, we created a story to fit the music we were listening to.  I let the emotions that presented themselves in the music take over my soul.  I remember a giant climbing a mountain during a particularly boisterous low brass section.  I don't remember a whole lot of the story besides that.  I occasionally find myself turning out the lights and re-visiting the ritual.  I don't make up stories to the music anymore.  Instead, I just sit and chill.  I just experience it in the dark.

Try it.  You won't get a whole lot out of "Party Rock Anthem".  Might I suggest a few songs?  These songs aren't the most widely played but they are some of the best songs ever written:

11 - Tupelo Honey.

Van Morrison is simple, sensitive and full of musicality.  Also check out this live version that shows off Morrison's creative genius http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5GMHzPeEyA

10 - The Book of Love.

 Peter Gabriel covers this Stephin Merritt song in his own style

9 - Free Jazz Part 1

- Ornette Coleman.  Like it?  Hate it?  Either answer is okay.  If you give it a try, what can you hear in it?

8 - I'm So Lonesome I Cry

- Hank Williams

7 - The Firebird Suite

. Igor Stravinsky conducts his own masterpiece in this clip

6 - Lush Life

From one of the best albums of all time

5 - Life by the Drop

- Stevie Ray Vaughan swings incredibly hard on guitar and sings like the song meant something to him -- which it did.  Great lyrics.  Great tune.

4 - Cats in the Cradle.

Harry Chapin sings.  We all cry and immediately go play with our kids.

3 - Send in the Clowns

- Sinatra.  Unbelievable lyrics.  Beautiful singing

2 - Round Midnight

- Miles Davis plays creatively and subtly with John Coltrane.

1 - Tears in Heaven.

 Eric Clapton wrote this song after the passing of his 4 year old son, Conor.  Conor fell from a window on the 53rd floor of an apartment building.  The lyrics are beautiful.

This blog post was written by Michael Tobian, owner and CEO of DanceBands.com as part of the From the Owner post series.