Sound Equipment Rental

Sound equipment rental and production for large upscale events and small

Sound Equipment Rental

Sound equipment production is one of the areas where Dance Bands really shines.  We do everything from renting small PA systems to large sound systems and line arrays.  We use the most current technology and state of the art equipment.  Our crew of audio visual production people are some of the best in the industry.  Let us take care of your sound equipment needs, especially if we are providing the entertainment.  You won't have to worry about coordinating the two efforts because it will be done in house.

event sound production

Large Speaker Systems

line arrays rental.jpg

When you are dealing with large line arrays, a deep venue or auditorium and an upscale event, you don't want to mess around when it comes to the sound production.  Our experience crew will make sure the equipment is set up to your needs so the sound will be consistent and even through the venue.  To make the sound at an event go smoothly, the techs need to communicate properly, have a good ear, the right equipment and a lot of experience.  We know what it takes to make it a success.

Mid Sized - Large Sound System

mid to large sound system rental
mid sized sound system rental

For medium to larger venues, we provide a large localized sound system to your dance floor or presentation area: usually two high powered sub woofers and two to four main speakers.  Even with mid set ups we have the capabilities to run 10 separate monitor mixes. This along with wireless and cabled mics, full instrument and drum micing and the ability to record the audio on separate tracks separates us from 90% of the sound companies out there.  Audio recording, mixing and mastering services are available for additional charges. 

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 Here is a video of us setting up sound for a mid to large sized event

Small - Mid Sized Sound System

For bands with minimal setup (jazz bands, small party bands), we offer subs and mains with a limited number of monitor mixes and mics.

PA Systems Package

For small entertainment or minimal sound needs, we can provide a PA package. This package includes two high quality speakers on poles, a mixing console run by a technician,  microphone(s) and mic stands and all necessary cables.  Monitors can be added.

MP3 Docking Station

For clients who want a DJ but would prefer their own play list, we provide an MP3 player docking station.  We bring speakers, an MP3 port (mini jack or 1/8 cable connector) and a sound tech to set it all up, tear it down and run it through your event. This is a simple and affordable way to host a dance party.

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