Lighting Rental

Lighting Rental

Lighting makes or breaks the visual appeal of your set up.  Bright colored lights illuminating the walls, stage, entertainment, pipe and drape can turn an ordinary hotel ballroom into a fantastic night.  It can change the energy and feel of the event.  Our lighting packages are second to none.  We will help you plan out the look and feel you are going for and our technicians will do the rest.  Whether you want large, customized trussing systems or just some basic washes, we have something for you.

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Lighting placement:

The placement of your lighting will determine how the event decor will look. We will help advise you on whether to go with halogen or LED lights and how powerful you need to go in order to accomplish your effect.  We know how much power your venue will need to provide and we will help map out a plan.

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Stage Lighting

Stage lighting is an art.  In making sure the lights are properly energizing what is going on, we plan out proper lighting angles, quantity of lights and what kinds of lights are needed.  We also provide a technician that runs the light show.  If one of our bands is used, we will choreograph the light show to the entertainment performance.

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Basic Lighting Packages

For smaller shows and venues, we offer a basic lighting package that includes LED or halogen light trees and/or small on-stage light trusses.  We set up, operate and tear down the lights.  Can't afford a light trussing system?  We have you covered.

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