2013 Jazz Music Scholarships opportunity by

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Note: Scholarship Application Deadline has been extended to May 31, 2013!!!

Dance Bands is happy to present the 2013 Dance Bands Jazz Scholarship.  This award is given in conjunction with the 2013 Utah Live Bands Jazz Scholarship.  This year, we will be awarding a $500 scholarship and several $200 scholarships to Utah students who are in college or who are in High School and have plans to attend a post secondary school with an emphasis in music.

After reading the rules and the other stuff on this page, fill out the online application

How do I qualify?

Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for the award:

- You must be a student in your last year of high school (or home school program) with plans to pursue a music degree in a post-secondary school or a current college student, working on a music degree.  These who categories will not compete with each other as awards will be given separately.

- You must either be majoring in music or have plans to attend a post secondary school (college) with plans to major in music.

- You must have a financial need for the scholarship money

Sounds great!  How do I apply?

- After reading and agreeing to the rules below, you may submit an application found here

- As part of the application process, you will submit a video of yourself performing a jazz tune live.  Video submissions must be in an electronic medium and must be able to be viewed in a streaming format ( via a URL - (Youtube, Vimeo, etc).  We will not accept video files that need to be downloaded.  You will list the URL of the video on the application.

What are the rules?

Video performances may be solo or accompanied by a band or jazz combo of any size

Video performance may be an original composition or jazz standard

Video performance should feature you on the melody of the tune and should include an improvised solo

Video performance time must not exceed 5 minutes

You are allowed to use a microphone or multiple microphones of any quality you choose; however, in order to be fair to those who may not have access to a recording studio the following guidelines must be met: 

    - You may record yourself as many times as you like; however, the entire performance must be recorded all at one time.  You may not go back, punch in and fix individual sections of the tune

   - Submissions must include a video of the performance as well as the audio.  The video must be in sync with the audio.  

    - Instruments may not be mic'd separately.  Microphones that are set up may be of a high quality but must be in front or over of the band and must record the band playing all at once.

    - The audio/video may not be mixed or doctored (artificially enhancing tone, tuning or timing) or altered in any way post-recording.  We want to be fair to all the applicants and judge based on the performance rather than the ability to create a good recording

When is the deadline to apply?

- Applications are due April 30th, 2013. Applications submitted after that time will not be considered.

What will be the judging criteria?

The performances will be judged based upon 3 criteria: 

1 - Performance: We will judge the applicant's performance based on an understanding and proper execution of style, tone, technical virtuosity, competency in improvising (or scatting) over chord changes and mastery of the instrument in general.

2 - Difficulty of the piece:  We will take into consideration how difficult a piece may be that is performed.

3 - Financial need and answers to application questions: The intent of these funds is that they are used to further one's education in music.  Applicants will be asked to explain their financial need for a scholarship and what the funds would be used for.

When will the prize money be awarded?

The winners of the scholarships will be invited to perform in a jazz concert held in May (time and place TBD) where awards will be given.