Artie Hemphill and the Iron Horse Band

Artie Hemphill's Iron Horse Band is an infectious Country Music band that plays covers of everyone's favorite country hits from past and the present.  They are a solid Country Band for Hire and they travel all over the United States.  The Band is known for it's incredible musicianship and Artie's Low, soulful voice.

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The Band is also well known for it's original music.  Songs such as "I'll Be," "Country Soul," and "Makin' Hay" are popular throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Artie Hemphill Iron Horse Band.jpg

Here's the band performing in front of thousands on the 4th of July:

Here is the band in the studio covering some popular country music.  Artie & has been have also become quite the YouTube sensations.  You can check out a bunch of their covers and originals all over the web:

Check out the Band's SONG LIST